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Entries from March 2016

#MTB - March 29, 2016 - Full Show

March 31st, 2016 · Comments

Bartender got the flu. Max decided to trudge on with an abbreviated version of the show. It's good that he talked to Paul M. Banks from or we would've been left to yet more Mets rants. Paul talks mostly about the end of March Madness and a little bit about Golden State's run at history.


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#MTB - March 22, 2016 - Full Show

March 24th, 2016 · Comments

Can you believe that Adam and Drake LaRoche are still being talked about? We can't, but we put our two cents in anyway. Ian Casselberry from The Comeback helped us out with that, as well as got us caught up on Spring Training.

Also, March Madness has been nuts. Max's brackets have helped warm city blocks. Notre Dame (and five other ACC teams) are in the Sweet 16. Todd Burlage from The Fan Indiana covers that, as well as some Irish spring football and hockey news.

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#MTB - March 15, 2016 - Full Show

March 15th, 2016 · Comments

Tournament time is here! Also, spring training!

Bartender drops some knowledge on us. Max tells you where you can find TruTV. Plus, we give you the first playing of "One Shining Moment" of the month.

The one and only Hondo Carpenter from Spartan Nation called in from A FREAKING HOSPITAL BED. He believes Michigan State (and the B1G, in general) were disrespected by the selection committee. Sparty's going to make a run. Book it. (Also, he waved off a nurse from giving him a shot. Amazing dedication!)

Jim Margalus from South Side Sox believes that the Pale Hose could be looking at a solid season, even with Adam LaRoche's surprise retirement today. How will the Sox fill the DH hole? Jim breaks it down.

Finally, our man Todd Burlage from The Fan Indiana talks ND hoops. That team is soooooo streaky.

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#MTB - March 8, 2016 - Full Show

March 13th, 2016 · Comments

Retirement was this week's theme. That happens when two of the biggest names in the NFL retire in a 48-hour span.

Chris Lemieux from Pride of Detroit talked about Megatron. Lisa Belkov-Snyder talked about Peyton.

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#MTB - March 1, 2016 - Full Show

March 2nd, 2016 · Comments

Maximus and Dr. Girlfriend are leaving the commune, but not before amassing a gigantic, partially-free pile of stuff. Bartender realizes he's growing up because he bought a new futon.

Tab Bamford from Committed Indians made his triumphant return to the show. He broke down the deadline deals that the Blackhawks made. The rich get richer, indeed.
Need some NBA talk? We spent A LOT of time talking to Cal "Gameface" Lee from The Baseline NBA Podcast. The guys try to figure out how dumb you would have to be to discount Golden State's greatness. Also, Cleveland's dysfunction and how LeBron's championship window is closing faster than he thought it would, Phil Jackson is acting like he's getting the hell out of New York, and a good deal of credit is given to Notre Dame basketball players.

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