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Entries from August 2016

#MTB - August 30, 2016 - Full Show

August 31st, 2016 · Comments

Just before the show started, we got word that Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater got hurt in a bad way. The Vikings were supposed to be a serious contender for the NFC North with Green Bay. Now? Probably not so much (unless AP becomes a superhuman or the Vikes get another QB). Get well soon, Teddy.

We kept the good times rolling the only way we know how: by talking about the latest dumb American controversy, starring Colin Kaepernick. The most annoying part about it is that we (as a society) are spending more time focusing on the fact that he sat during the anthem as opposed to why he chose to sit during the anthem. Instead, we'll probably still be talking about this story next week. Oh, joy of joys.

Last week's story about Iowa's strength and conditioning coach making $595,000 a year and this week's story about Florida State's strength and coach getting into trouble made us think that we need a new segment on the show. Also, NBC figured out a way to get Mike Tirico some NFL TV time.

This week's Notre Dame report featured a Benchwarmers reunion! We have John Haynsworth and Todd Burlage on a conference call to preview the Irish's game against Texas in Austin on Sunday night. That's right, a conference call! We're snazzy!

Finally, the lovely Allie Fontana from broke down the injuries to Bridgewater and Tony Romo from a fantasy perspective, plus gave us her picks for tight end and a quick lesson about Tampa Bay weather and their great power grid.

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Allie Fontana breaks down WR’s now so you won’t have a breakdown later.

August 28th, 2016 · Comments

Allie Fontana from breaks down who you should draft at wide receiver.

Also, there's a lot of "just a guys" mentioned. Might be a fun segment to play a drinking game to. Every time "just a guy" gets said, take a shot. We guarantee you'll get alcohol poisoning.

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August 25th, 2016 · Comments

If you've been a listener to the show, you know that we love Todd Burlage. We especially love a feisty, angry Todd Burlage. That's what we got this week after six players from the Notre Dame football team getting into trouble.

We spend a little time talking about what happened when. Then, we called out Notre Dame's PR firm (a.k.a. the local media) for the way they praised Brian Kelly's handling of the situation. It's as if no one wants to lose their seats and buffet privileges in the press box at Notre Dame Stadium.

If you want some insight into why no one should be praising Brian Kelly's disciplinary practices, check out this column by Todd from the Elkhart Truth. If you want to add more fuel to that fire, look at what Kelly said about the other four who got popped (Dexter Williams, Ashton White, Kevin Stepherson, and Te'von Coney). And you were wondering why we used the above meme again this week....

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#MTB - August 23, 2016 - Full Show

August 23rd, 2016 · Comments

We trust that you had a better weekend than the Notre Dame football program did. We talk to Todd Burlage about all of the disciplinary actions that Brian Kelly took and why he's getting waaaaaaay too much credit for it. Todd also calls out the local media for eating out of Notre Dame's hand. We love a feisty Burlage.

Before that, we got the latest from the Colts with Reggie Hayes of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. This could be a big year for the Colts, or it could be a dumpster fire. It all hinges on one man's performance. Try and guess who that person is.

Finally, we break down wide receivers for your fantasy football draft with Allie Fontana from We rattled off a lot of guys who are "just a guy." So many that, if you were to play a drinking game where you took a shot every time we said "just a guy," you would die from alcohol poisoning. Good luck!

Also, an Olympics wrap-up and why you need to push your kid to become an athletic trainer.


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Allie Fontana breaks down RB’s, including Bilal Powell.

August 19th, 2016 · Comments

Someone you know is in a fantasy football league or two. That someone may be getting roped into drafts already this weekend. Honestly, that's insane.

Still, Allie Fontana from is here to tell you who to pick at running back and when. Yes, even Bilal Powell.

If you want some one-on-one help with fantasy football (AND NOTHING ELSE, YA PERVS), tweet @AllieFontana. She answers everything, with the obvious exception of your dating overtures. Allie is the best and will join us every week of the NFL season to break down the week that was and the week that will be.

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Paul M. Banks goes to Illinois Media Day, Gets Owned by Lovie

August 17th, 2016 · Comments

Paul M. Banks from checked in with a recap of Media Day with the Fighting Illini. He even got in a question with Illinois coach and the world's #1 Jeffrey Osborne fan, Lovie Smith.

Paul asked Lovie about recent NFL retiree Charles "Peanut" Tillman's attendance at practice. Listen to how Lovie replied to Paul's question.

Of course, be sure to check out Paul's recap of Illinois Media Day on

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#MTB - August 16, 2016 - Full Show

August 17th, 2016 · Comments

How exactly did Peyton Manning get off scot-free from NFL investigators, yet Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, James Harrison, and Mike Neal could wind up suspended if they don't talk? Interesting, don't you think?

Paul M. Banks from went to Illinois Media Day and got owned by Lovie Smith. It was awesome.

Todd Burlage from previews Notre Dame's defense. Also, what would we do with the Irish's new robotic tackling dummies?

Finally, Allie Fontana from tells you what running backs you should target in your fantasy draft. Just remember that Bilal Powell is just a guy.

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#MTB - August 9, 2016 - Full Show

August 10th, 2016 · Comments

We officially kick off football season the only way we know how: with baseball news. Ian Casselberry from The Comeback talks about Prince Fielder's sudden retirement at the age of 32. Somehow, we wind up talking about Transformers: The Movie. No, not the Michael Bay disasters. The cartoon version from the 80's. Ian also tells us about something on his iPod.

We move on to the Philadelphia Eagles with Tony Cutillo from Fantasy Sports Addiction. The Godfather has some thoughts on Doug Pederson's first training camp with the Eagles and how Jim Schwartz is putting himself out there.

As you know, we're based in the heart of Notre Dame Nation. We welcome Todd Burlage from The Fan Indiana back to the show with his thoughts on the Irish offense. Notre Dame is also trying to take over social media with their deals with Facebook and Bleacher Report. Todd thinks it could help in a key area. Find out why Todd is Father of the Year, too.

Finally, football season isn't complete with fantasy football. For that, we welcome the lovely Allie Fontana from The Fantasy Fix back to the show. This week, we take a look at the quarterbacks you should draft and where you should draft them.

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