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Juiced baseballs and life after the All-Star Break with Ian Casselberry

July 15th, 2017

Ian Casselberry thinks that Rob Manfred would never admit to MLB juicing the baseball, even though there's all of this proof. However, Ian also thinks the quality of play and the "home run or strikeout" mentality are making the game boring.

Bryce Harper is the face of baseball right now, but is Aaron Judge making his case? After the show he put on in the first half of the season and the Home Run Derby, yes. Even more important, however, could be if he's making Yankee fans forget Derek Jeter already. (Answer: no. Slow your roll, people.)

The Cubs bandwagon is clearly emptying. How else can you explain not even having a guy like Kris Bryant make the team? Of course, that will happen when your pitchers are tired. And where does Kyle Schwarber fit on this team now? Why is their defense, which was so good last year, so bad this year? Is Joe Maddon running out of ideas? (NOTE: we talked to Ian before the Cubs traded for Jose Quintana.)

The Astros will be able to make whatever deal they want at the trade deadline. The Nationals would have at least five more wins if they didn't blow it with Mark Melancon after last season. The Dodgers are walking on sunshine right now. Does Milwaukee pull the trigger and say "let's go for it?"

Plus, we get Ian's non-spoiler thoughts on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Max also wants to be sold on Asheville, NC.


This is what boxing has sadly come to.

July 14th, 2017

We have come to an interesting time in sports. We are witnessing possibly the final breath of boxing. The Klitschko brothers killed off the heavyweight division by holding the belts, then never fighting each other for an undisputed championship. Manny vs. Money happened past both of their primes when such a fight is exactly what the sport needed. An absolute farce of a decision gave us Jeff Horn, Boxing Champion.

Now, Floyd Mayweather is fighting Conor McGregor because enough of us are stupid enough to pay the insane $99 pay-per-view price.

Yes, the sport has done itself no favors by getting itself to this point. Not having enough big names, all of the lousy decisions, all of the terrible decisions. Believe me, I get it if you're looking at this fight and wondering if it will be worth all of the hype. It will not be. While all of the press conferences leading up to this fight will get people talking about boxing for a little bit, this fight will not help the sport. More importantly, if Conor McGregor actually wins this match, boxing will be dead.


Scott Wright calls him Mitchell.

April 27th, 2017

Scott Wright from Draft Countdown answers all of our tough questions. Questions like "Mitch or Mitchell?" Scott's got an interesting thought about why Mitch Trubisky has become Mitchell Trubisky. Max thinks that fans will change one letter in his name if he struggles regardless of whether it's Mitch or Mitchell. The most shocking part about all of it is that Cleveland is in control. They are LOADED in the draft not just this year, but next year, too. Max thinks Scott will begin writing about what the Browns will do at #1 next year as soon as this year's draft is over.

We go through Scott's mock draft. Scott's very high on Myles Garrett, calling him "a young Julius Peppers." Well then! Along with Leonard Fournette and O.J. Howard, there are some men among boys in this draft. Sorry, Bears fans. You're missing out on Garrett, but could wind up with Jamal Adams. Not a bad consolation, really. By the way, Scott's mock draft has Howard going at #8. Can you imagine Cam Newton having Howard, Greg Olsen, Devin Funchess, AND Kelvin Benjamin at his disposal? That is one physically imposing receiving corps.

We are amazed at how much inexperience is running through some draft rooms right now. San Francisco's John Lynch, Jacksonville's Tom Coughlin, even the Bears' Ryan Pace are really inexperienced in the board room.

Character issues probably aren't going to hurt Jabrill Peppers and Reuben Foster too much, but Gareon Conley is in for a slide. Remember La'el Collins? Collins was only mentioned in his ex's murder investigation, was found to be not connected in any way, and still couldn't get drafted. Conley's got a sexual assault allegation over his head the week of the draft.

As far as quarterbacks go, it will be Trubisky, Watson, then everyone else. Expect a QB run between the 25th and 50th picks.

Scott's been our draft guru from the beginning and there's nobody better.


Lester Wiltfong, Jr: Drafting From the Carpool Lane

April 26th, 2017

Lester Wiltfong, Jr. from Windy City Gridiron has your Bears draft news, but first, he's changed scenery. Gone are the days of being accosted by bums and listening to screaming children on the Metra. Lester joins us from the carpool lane where we can actually hear him and won't get interrupted by an unruly passenger's meth trip.

What are the Bears going to do in the draft? Lester thinks Ryan Pace wants a quarterback (Deshaun Watson, anybody?), but doesn't want to spend the third overall pick on one. We could see the Bears trade down from #3. If they go defense, do they go with Jamal Adams? Bartender likes him, but maybe he's not worth the #3 pick, either. Maybe they go with Jonathan Allen, arthritic shoulder and all. Lester hopes they don't go that route because of past problems drafting injured players.

Lester has his dream draft scenario, which you can read all about at Windy City Gridiron. It involves Myles Garrett, Pat Mahomes, and more. We also hear what Lester thinks of Deshone Kizer and his comments.

The Bears have been busy in free agency, too. Lester thinks the offense will be better, while the defense has better safety play. Lester is ever the optimist. Max thinks Bears fans will turn on the team by the second quarter of the season. Not the second quarter of a midseason game, no. The second quarter OF THE SEASON.


The Four Horsemen of the NBA Ride Again

April 15th, 2017

Since we had the honor of being guests on their show, we had them on ours, too. Cal "Gameface" Lee and Warren Shaw from The Baseline NBA Podcast help us preview the NBA Playoffs.

Catch The Baseline through


Tab Bamford talks Stanley Cup Playoffs

April 12th, 2017

It's been too long since Tab Bamford has been on the program, so we remedied that. We preview the Blackhawks-Predators series, as well as the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Tab says that this isn't the same Nashville team that Chicago has faced before. Max thinks it's the same, whiny fanbase that can't fill its building.

If you have yet to do so, set some time aside to watch Connor McDavid play in the Edmonton-San Jose series. It will be well worth the insomnia and sleep deprivation. Pittsburgh-Columbus will also be a great series, but if you're getting sleep-deprived from that series, you need to look at other things in your life.

Tab is involved with a project called ¡Viva Baseball!, which is documenting the love of baseball in Latin America and how baseball is better for it.

Read Tab's work at Committed Indians, The Fourth Period, and ChicagoNow. Keep reading →


Win money (maybe), thanks to Neil Greenberg

March 15th, 2017

Neil Greenberg analyzes advanced sports statistics for the Fancy Stats blog from the Washington Post. The Washington Post is a far more reputable place to get your news than a certain website that we know. Neil knows his stuff and you can use his knowledge to win more money (maybe) with your tournament bracket than Steve in accounting will with his.


Is Ben Affleck already done as Batman?

February 25th, 2017

It was never really fair that Ben Affleck got as much crap as he did for accepting the role of Batman. Even though Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was widely regarded as a steaming pile of dog poop, I think he's a better Dark Knight than George Clooney (Remember that? No? Good. Don't.) or Val Kilmer ever were. In fact, if he had had a better script in B v. S, we might even hold him in as high a regard as Michael Keaton.

All of that could be for naught, as Ian Casselberry wrote for The Comeback. He joined us to talk about his article, which is a fascinating read into the Batman saga. Ian was also good enough to give us his thoughts on Mike Ilitch and some Spring Training talk.


Tony Cutillo on the NFL offseason - 2/14/17

February 22nd, 2017

"The Godfather" Tony Cutillo is a busy man. He coaches. He writes for, among other places. He gives us a solid 20 minutes of NFL goodness here.

Tony can't believe how Dan Quinn got off scot-free for another Super Bowl fourth quarter collapse against New England. Quinn let his defense get gassed while continuing to pass and running plays with 20 seconds left on the play clock. Meantime, closer to Philly, Tony says the Eagles still need TONS of help for Carson Wentz. Still, he's betting they go another direction, both in the draft and free agency.

Also, how the hell is Terrell Owens not a Hall-of-Famer? Who cares if he had baggage as a player? Randy Moss needed three luggage carts for all of his baggage as a player, and TO STILL had better numbers. Plus, that Super Bowl performance!


#MTBshow - 2/14/17 - Full Show

February 21st, 2017

James Dolan needs to either sell the Knicks/Rangers/Madison Square Garden/Cablevision or someone needs to inject him with enough horse tranquilizer that he can't move again. Again, don't kill him. That's a bit extreme. Just sedate him. Also in this episode:

1. Tony Cutillo from helps us recap the Super Bowl and gets us caught up on the other big stories in the NFL.

2. Ian Casselberry from tells us why he'll be amazed if we see Ben Affleck as Batman again.

3. We talk about Michael Jordan's #12 night.

4. Max tries to explain why the NHL has bye weeks to Craig to no avail before once again reminding everyone that the NHL is the worst-run league in sports.

5. We equate NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's meeting with Oakley, Dolan, and Jordan to an episode of Charlie's Angels.