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Entries from February 2017

Is Ben Affleck already done as Batman?

February 25th, 2017 · Comments

It was never really fair that Ben Affleck got as much crap as he did for accepting the role of Batman. Even though Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was widely regarded as a steaming pile of dog poop, I think he's a better Dark Knight than George Clooney (Remember that? No? Good. Don't.) or Val Kilmer ever were. In fact, if he had had a better script in B v. S, we might even hold him in as high a regard as Michael Keaton.

All of that could be for naught, as Ian Casselberry wrote for The Comeback. He joined us to talk about his article, which is a fascinating read into the Batman saga. Ian was also good enough to give us his thoughts on Mike Ilitch and some Spring Training talk.


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Tony Cutillo on the NFL offseason - 2/14/17

February 22nd, 2017 · Comments

"The Godfather" Tony Cutillo is a busy man. He coaches. He writes for, among other places. He gives us a solid 20 minutes of NFL goodness here.

Tony can't believe how Dan Quinn got off scot-free for another Super Bowl fourth quarter collapse against New England. Quinn let his defense get gassed while continuing to pass and running plays with 20 seconds left on the play clock. Meantime, closer to Philly, Tony says the Eagles still need TONS of help for Carson Wentz. Still, he's betting they go another direction, both in the draft and free agency.

Also, how the hell is Terrell Owens not a Hall-of-Famer? Who cares if he had baggage as a player? Randy Moss needed three luggage carts for all of his baggage as a player, and TO STILL had better numbers. Plus, that Super Bowl performance!


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#MTBshow - 2/14/17 - Full Show

February 21st, 2017 · Comments

James Dolan needs to either sell the Knicks/Rangers/Madison Square Garden/Cablevision or someone needs to inject him with enough horse tranquilizer that he can't move again. Again, don't kill him. That's a bit extreme. Just sedate him. Also in this episode:

1. Tony Cutillo from helps us recap the Super Bowl and gets us caught up on the other big stories in the NFL.

2. Ian Casselberry from tells us why he'll be amazed if we see Ben Affleck as Batman again.

3. We talk about Michael Jordan's #12 night.

4. Max tries to explain why the NHL has bye weeks to Craig to no avail before once again reminding everyone that the NHL is the worst-run league in sports.

5. We equate NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's meeting with Oakley, Dolan, and Jordan to an episode of Charlie's Angels.


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Paul M. Banks might be running for his life right now.

February 5th, 2017 · Comments

Long story short: Paul M. Banks is not a fan of the new regime.


He let his feelings known all over social media last week.


Paul is now running for his life.


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#MTBshow - 1/31/17 - Full Show

February 5th, 2017 · Comments

In this episode, we:

1. Wonder if Paul M. Banks is being tailed by the government

2. Talk about the game. YOU KNOW THE GAME....

3. Tell you about some important prop bets

4. Try to figure out how Fox Sports got to be run as scummy as Fox News

5. Try to bring peace between LeBron and Sir Charles

6. Learn all we can about New England's latest flavor of the week, Chris Hogan


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